Our Story

Hello, I'm Cerille.

I am a mother to two beautiful kids under the age of 8 and I love dressing them well. Like most parents, I quickly realized how fast they outgrow clothes.  As they grew older and more active, I started to be mindful about quality. It often meant paying more than I would for fast fashion and I constantly end up with clothing that still have lots of life (and value) left in them.

I looked into the secondhand market for kids, both to buy and sell. I found that there are lots of places out there but it’s time-consuming to sell and I miss the ease, the quality-control and frankly, the curated inspiration of buying new. Browsing a shop and knowing that I will find something I like is more convenient than going through a lot of marketplace listings. At the same time, I am aware of how much the culture of disposable fashion contributes to our environmental problems and I want nothing more than to be part of the solution, not the problem.

And the more I educated myself on the impact of how I consumed clothing for my kids, I began to realize that dressing kids “well” goes beyond aesthetics.

“ solve a problem that I personally have as a mom, a consumer and a citizen
of this beautiful planet.”

And this is how the idea of Kloop came to be: to solve a problem that I personally have as a mom, a consumer and a citizen of this beautiful planet. Paving the way for more parents to approach dressing kids sustainably by answering some of the barriers: curating a beautiful selection of clothes from brands that are passionate about sustainability, providing a convenient way to sell and an inspiring way to buy secondhand, and making it more attractive for parents to choose quality clothes (new or gently-used) that are produced responsibly for aesthetics and durability.

I am so happy that you are here and thank you for joining us in our mission to close the loop in kids’ fashion!