Pay-out Calculation


Our aim is to give you a fair Pay-out while being able to support our business model and commitment to elevate shopping Pre-loved, encouraging more parents to consider this circular solution.

Below is a clear, transparent and simple formula on how we calculate Pay-out.

Estimated Resale Value

This is calculated based on our estimate of how much we can fairly re-sell the item in our PRE-LOVED SHOP. We judge this depending on the kind of item (i.e. outerwear, tops, etc.), the brand and the demand. 

*As an example, we usually sell an item that is “Like New” for 50% of the Retail Price so if the item is 100€, the Estimated Resale Value is 50€. Read Item Condition in our Pre-loved Info for more on how we price for resale.

% Condition

We fairly asses the item and assign a % based on its condition – see table below on how we do this. In order to get a better Pay-out, it helps to prepare your items accordingly (what time and effort we won’t need to prepare the item for re-sale goes back to you!)

Mode of Pay-out

If you choose to get your Pay-out in store credit instead of cashback, you get a higher percentage (+10%) and a better Pay-out as shown in the table above.